Atelier Couture HayezAtelier Couture Hayez | 2010 Collection | City Style

Thanks to new media, fairs and new pros like wedding planners and floral design, weddings are no more a simple party, and is now a real event. And this is the light under which Couture Hayez City Style Collection has been designed. It is the style of a Cosmopolitan bride, who wants a red carpet wedding, with Angelina Jolie’s mood, or Sara Jessica Parker’s, Scarlett Johansson’s or Monica Bellucci’s.

Gown carry the name of cities like New York, London, Paris or Tokyo, and are designed thinking of brides that for their special day want to wear a Couture absolutely Made in Italy wedding gown.

Brides that choose Couture Hayez, can count on a product highly cared in any detail.

A tailor made wedding gown shall be booked at least 4 months prior the wedding, pret-a-porter gowns can be selected at least 3 months prior the wedding.

A special care is dedicated to proportion, which is critical to detail a perfect shape to the bride. Borders are embroided or coloured also with unusual colours or fabrics like Taffeta in painted silk, these highlight the breast as the most important part of the wedding gown, as well as back and trail. Atelier Couture Hayez offers free trials of the wedding gown which include a customized analysis of the bride’s shape. Couture Hayez’s keyword for their brides is light, brides will be able to move in perfect style and comfort. High quality of fabrics and accurate making and embroidery are distinctive of the atelier. Every gown is tailor made and personalized.

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