How to budget of a Wedding

A nice restaurant, or the place on earth you spent your best days together, a fabulous ring, a the wedding proposal… some tears of joy, happiness, tell all your friends you are getting married, post it on facebook, start dreaming of where to celebrate the wedding, who to invite, what to wear.

You start surfing the web for wedding gowns, buy magazines start inquiring ans your already married friends how much this or that costed them.. and you start making calculations about your budget and what you can afford.

Ella and Stephen Lari

Here you can find a list of prices from – to for the most common items for a wedding, and then some considerations:

Bride Wedding gown 2.000€ to 12.000€
Veil 500€ to 3.000€
Shoes/gloves 250€ to 600€
Lingerie 200€ to 600€
Hairdresser/Make-up 200€ to 800€
Groom Dress 2.500€ to 6.000€
Accessories 300€ to 1.100€
Shoes 250€ to 600€
Bridesmaids Dress and accessories 200€ to 800€
Bouquet/petals 100€ to 150€
Ceremony Invitations, thank you, menus, placeholders 500€ to 2.500€
Bridal car rental 1000€ to 2.000€
Rings and rings pillow/holder 800€ to 2.000€
Music during the ceremony 400€ to 1.000€
Photographer 3.000€ to 6.000€
Videographer 1.500€ to 3.000€
Church offer/town hall fee/symbolic celebrant 300€ to 7.000€
Legal documentation 60€ to 300€
Reception Venue rental 1.500€ to 8.000€
Catering 8.000€ to 25.000€*
Wedding cake 500€ to 1.200€
Reception music 1.500€ to 3.000€
Marquee rental 3.000€ to 12.000€
Favours 800€ to 2.000€
Flowers decorations Flowers for the car 100€ to 200€
Church decoration 1.000€ to 3.000€
Town hall decoration 500€ to 2.500€
Reception 1.500€ to 6.000€
* calculated on the basis of 40 to 150 guests

These prices are average prices and derive from a survey published by Vogue Sposa 2011. Now these numbers might be scary, and lead the couple to take some annoying decisions like cutting here and there and reshaping the wedding from what they originally had dreamt of.

edding reception

wedding reception

The DIY temptation is so strong, hiring a wedding planner seems most of the time a luxury you cannot afford, and more than this a destination wedding. In years of experience though, a wedding planner has created such a strong network of partners that the prices you can get through a professional is much lower than presenting yourself alone in front of a vendor. The word “wedding” most of the times generate a “slight” price increase to the end user, because vendors know that dealing with couples will cost them a huge amount of time, and are scared not to have enough resources to cope with it.

wedding table

A wedding Planner is paid to deal with you instead, and can reverse on you in savings all the better price that can obtain, so by experience final prices of a wedding organized by us are usually 1/2 to 2/3 of the ones mentioned above, which is a lot less! With a lot less stress to the couple that can live in harmony the preparation to the wedding day, and have an expert help, more than covered by the savings themselves, of what is wrongly considered Luxury only: the wedding planner.

Stay tuned as next week we will cover “why deciding for a destination wedding in Tuscany”
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