By Amanda Cooper

For every bride and groom it is important to them to send their guests away from their wedding with something memorable. But that something can’t just be an ordinary something. These favors need to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, the importance of the day and have it be special to their guests. Here ere are some unique and memorable wedding favour ideas for your family and friends.

  • Have your guests grow nature in your honor.Send family and friends home with a packet of sunflower seeds! You can personalise the envelope of seeds with your monogram or with whatever else you choose. Guests can then plant the seed and watch how they grow and blossom, just your marriage. You could even send guests home with seedling trees. Plant the trees and watch them grow, year after year. Most of the time, when brides and grooms purchase these from either a nursery of somewhere else, a portion of the proceeds is donated to a special cause.
  • Photos and photo frames. – Instead of just having place cards out for your guests, try placing them inside a small photo frame as an instant favour. You can make the place cards as small or large as you want and then decide on a frame that would display the place card best. Family and friends can then depart with their frame and place a special photo inside the frame that makes them remember of what a wonderful time they had at your wedding. Recently, brides and grooms have been having photo booths at their weddings! Typically, guests enter the booth and six pictures are taken and are divided into two strips of three photographs. Guests then choose which side they would like to give to the bride and groom to insert into their coffee table book and which one they would like to keep for themselves. What better way to say thank you to your guests, then to send them home with pictures of them having a wonderful time at your own wedding!
  • A sweet treat!End the night right, with a sweet treat! Have personalised cake bags made, so that guests can enjoy a bite of your wedding cake at home. Ask a local bakery to see if they can make some specialty cookies or small desserts that can be put inside a small dessert box for guests to take home. Even the boxes can be personalized with stickers to make sure your guests remember where such a sweet treat came from. Think outside the box and send your family and friends home with sweet family recipe attached to any small cookie cutter or mixing spoon and guests will always be talking about what a unique and special favour they received from you.

Amanda Cooper is a contributing writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom, which carries a huge selection of anniversary favours, and wedding guest books. Amanda is a writer for other wedding and family websites. When Amanda is not writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with family.