By Amanda Cooper

Wedding Children Ice Cream CartMaking all your guests feel special is a top priority for every couple who is getting married. For those couples that invite children to their wedding, adding extra special touches throughout the day for the little ones will surely make it a memorable occasion for them as well!


If possible, incorporate children into your ceremony! Is there a special song that is fitting to your vows? Have a small group of children rehearse the song prior to the wedding and have a surprise performance from the children to your wedding guests.

Are there older children that are invited to your wedding? Perhaps they would like to read a passage from the Bible or recite a sweet poem or song for the ceremony? For those older children, there may be a special talent that they would like to demonstrate during your ceremony. Perhaps, they are proficient in playing the violin. They could entertain your guests with dedicated pieces to the bride and groom both prior to the ceremony and during the ceremony as well. Maybe they enjoy singing? Select a special song for them to sing during your ceremony.

Be sure to have a flower girl and of course a ring bearer! Children 14 years of age and younger would be ideal to fill these important roles at your ceremony. Plus, there is no rule that states you need to have just one flower girl or ring bearer! Have a small group of beautifully dressed girls drop petals all the way down the aisle. When it comes time to present the rings, two boys could have a ring on each of their pillows and present the rings together.

Plan to have special wedding colouring books and crayons available for the younger aged children so they can draw and color as you exchange your vows. This will keep their little hands and minds busy, so that your ceremony goes smoothly.


Have those dear little ones feel special at the table when it comes time to eat. If possible, see what kid-friendly options may be available through your venue. Maybe a vegetable pizza, spaghetti, or even chicken fingers with French fries would all be great choices to keep your little guests smiling throughout the celebration!

If possible, designate a small area with a caregiver to entertain and keep children busy during the reception. Wedding-themed crafts, games and other child-friendly activities will surely be a hit. Once the music starts, watch out as most children love to dance!

Don’t forget dessert and special treats for those little guests as well! Small bowls of chocolate treats or even an ice cream sundae station would surely light up every child’s face and probably the faces of the adults as well!

Amanda Cooper is a contributing writer for Wedding Favours Kingdom, which carries quite a large selection of wedding accessories, wedding favours, and even Christmas favours. Amanda is a writer for other wedding and travel websites such as efffetti weddings in Tuscany. When Amanda is not writing, she enjoys cooking for family and friends.