Many brides have dreamed of their special day since childhood. Those women who have been down the aisle know one thing to be true: wedding days go by very quickly. So much time is spent planning a dream wedding, and it will be gone quickly, along with many details the couple never had the time to notice.

Wedding Story Writer brings a sublime new concept to the entire wedding industry. Founded in the United States in 2011 by Michelle McMurray, Wedding Story Writer is hired to attend a wedding and while there write the wedding story as it is occurring. McMurray travels internationally to attend weddings and other special occasion events, and also employs writers in other countries, including The Netherlands, England, and Spain to do the same. They attend the event from the beginning of the day until the end, while inconspicuously recording all that happens as the day progresses–from the bridal dress preparations and walking down the aisle to the couple’s final moments dancing at their reception. Her clients’ final result is a refined hand-bound fairytale wedding story book. Like Her Majesty the Queen, Wedding Story Writer appoints the creation of these fairytale books to the most elite artisans in the world.

The Wedding Story Writer brand books are extraordinary—highly customized quality hand crafted books for brides and grooms with discerning tastes. Each book is awe-inspiring, complete with elegant calligraphy, stunning custom artwork, poetry, and much more. The Wedding Story Writer Signature Collection is complete with a sophisticated gemstone encrusted logo.

McMurray, says she is enamoured by the entire content creation and book binding process. She has the highest respect for her artisans, and states, “Without the collaboration of so many enthusiastic and talented artisans, Wedding Story Writer would not be as luxuriously textured as it is today. I graciously and appreciatively bow to them.”

McMurray exudes passion when speaking about her company. When asked about what inspires her most, McMurray quickly responded, “My love of genealogy and the preservation of family memories. I created this company because family and heritage is incredibly important in all cultures. I would have loved to have been given a book containing my parents and grandparents wedding stories, and so many other people feel the same way.” Using that mindset, McMurray and her artisans have created a new concept in wedding memories. Wedding Story Writer books are truly the ultimate wedding memento to be treasured for generations.

To contact Michelle McMurray, please visit her website, Wedding Story Writer or email her at [email protected].