Wedding Bouquet TuscanyPicking the right wedding dress for the big day is serious matter for most women. Whether explicitly stated or not, the wedding dress (and of course, the bride) serve as the main attraction in a wedding ceremony.

In most places, traditional dresses are still preferred. Indeed, there is something special about donning a white, lace-embellished wedding gown while walking down the aisle in front of teary-eyed friends and family; however, more and more women are also abandoning tradition and opting for something different.

Whether traditional or unconventional, shopping for the ideal wedding dress means following a few key steps. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

Wedding Gown Shopping 101

  1. Decide on the style and details of the dress.

Before booking appointments to bridal shops, it’s essential to have a plan. Checking out magazines or searching online for the right style, shape, colour and type of dress can help minimize the selection process when going for fittings and bookings.

2. Start shopping as early as now.

Once an initial idea is planned out, start setting appointments as soon as possible. Some women can easily make a decision while others would need plenty of time (and several bridal shop visits) before they can say “this is the one!”

3. Consider various possibilities.

Women who walk in with very specific ideals will sometimes miss out on the perfect wedding dress for their shape and body. It is essential to keep an open mind when trying out dress styles. On occasion, that lonely-looking bridal hanger dress in the corner could be the one the bride falls in love with in the end.

4. Never go over the budget.

Once in the store, it’s easy for brides on a tight budget to forget the price tag. Hence, it is essential to determine a price range beforehand and to stick to it! As special as the wedding dress might be, there’s a big possibility it will only be worn once.

One way to keep from overspending is to avoid fitting dresses that are beyond the budget in the first place.

Wedding dress detail

5. Keep the entourage to a minimum.

Visiting a wedding dress shop is an exciting event for the bride and those close to her. However, try not to bring the entire crew when doing fittings. It is best to bring one or two people that have the patience to sit through everything. This minimizes mindless chatter while also allowing the bride to focus on what she feels about the dress.

6. Think about the theme.

Oftentimes, brides forget that they even set up a theme for their wedding and end up wearing wedding dresses that stick out like a sore thumb. For instance, a beach wedding might mean saying no to that beautiful princess ball wedding gown.

7. Come prepared with accessories and the right undergarments.

This is crucial since a gown can sometimes look and feel different when it’s matched with the wrong undergarments. It is advisable to wear a nude bra or underwear so it won’t show through or be distracting once the wedding dress is tried on. Shoes can also dramatically change the silhouette of a dress, so if possible bring the right pair or something similar to the one that’ll be worn on the wedding day.

Landing the perfect wedding dress can be a challenge but with a little patience, a good bridal shop, (and a bit of luck) it can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

By Debra Wright
Debra Wright is a creative and innovative blogger and online marketing specialist. She uses her wordsmith skills to share her ideas, thoughts, and tips to other people about topics that fascinate her, such as tips in finding the perfect wedding dress. Follow Debra on twitter @debrawrites