Wedding Veil By Face Shape

Wedding Veil Photo Courtesy White Fashion Wedding Photographer

Some brides want to show off more the hairdo and give up wearing the veil completely or take it off immediately after the religious ceremony while other brides go with tradition and wear it until the end.

In ancient times, it was believed that the veil protects the bride against evil spirits and the jealousy of those around and of the enemies of the tribes that wanted to kidnap her. Today, the veil is worn only to add an air of mystery. Whatever its meaning in present times, the veil is one of the most representative elements for a bride and its choosing, as well as the dress is sometimes hard, as many elements have to be taken into account, one of these being the shape of the bride’s face.

How do we choose the veil depending on the shape of the face?

Study your features in a mirror, find out the shape of your face and depending on this, you can see which of the veils presented below will suit you.

The veil for an oval face

If you’re lucky and you have an oval face, then you can choose any kind of veil without taking into account the shape of your face, only the dress, cleavage and height.

The veil for a round face

For a round face we recommend a longer veil that will elongate your face. Leave your veil at the back of your hairdo or pin it under your bun so it won’t be in your face.

The veil for a long (elongated) face

If your face is long, then we advise you to add a little width. Choose short or puffed veils, pinned with diadems and tiaras and avoid high buns caught too high or clamped tight at the back. It would be better to choose a lighter hairdo, letting your hair free or curls that cascade near your face.

The veil for a heart-shaped or triangular face

For this type of face it is necessary to complete the width in the jaw area and the best way to achieve this is to choose a double veil that on the upper part is shorter (it should reach the shoulders) and in the lower part is longer.

The veil for a square face

For this type of face you have to be daring! To add a little roundness to your face don’t be afraid to choose a voluminous veil from a material that can create volume and envelop your face sideways.

Veil elements

Usually, the bride buys the veil with the dress so it will be from the same maker in order for the colours and texture to match.

There are many elements that can make the difference between a trivial veil and a really special one the width and the length, embroidery, applications – crystals or rhinestones, a simple, quality material etc. – just make sure you choose the veil keeping in mind the type of dress you’ll wear.

Matching the veil with the dress

A very rich dress will go best with a simple veil, as only one of the two can really shine. A classic, simple dress, where the accent is more on the cut than on the ornamental details, goes well with a decorated veil, but one that is easy to pin-up and be comfortable as you move around at the wedding party. A dress that has as main element the corset will go with a voluminous and shorter veil so it won’t cover the corset. It mustn’t have many applications in order not to clash with the dress. Remember to ask the merchant to prepare the veil to be carried with you to your wedding in Tuscany.

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