Efffetti Wedding In Tuscany recently started cooperating with MyWeddingDesign.

MyWeddingDesign is a graphic studio for your wedding design.

Here is what they say about themselves:

We are a very complete team, coming from the world of graphic design, that have always taken care of visual identities for many different companies. We have many experiences in illustration, editorial design, print and adv. We decided the idea of MyWeddingDesign during a lunch break. Driven by the desire to change our fields, or by the will to dispel fears of marriage, or by the love for the eternal love, we paid the bill and immediately realized our plan.

MyWeddingDesign takes care of the visual identity of your “wedding event”. Our products are: invites, ceremony books, menu, party favors and so on. We often offer layout shown in our website http://www.myweddingdesign.net/inviti.html, but sometimes we realize customized layout by the personal idea of the loving couple. Once the couple announced the marriage by her daughter with the claim “Mom and dad get married!”. Once again they needed to send an invite to a blind friend, so we realized a custom layout in Braille.

From the beginning, our idea was to propose unconventional layout still preserving wedding traditions. We realized weddings are part of the mobile era, of app management, of social networking. The most interesting weddings were the ones we like to call “Wedding 2.0”. We created an invite, “Love 2.0” for Beatrice and Michele, who wanted to create a real timing of their wedding event. In this case, the “Big Day” was presented with a timeline where each phase was marked by a time and an icon. Our favorite weddings are those of our generation, the generation of infographics, apps, social icons and networks, and the results is “Infowedding”, “Save the date”, “Cake”, and so on.






You can browse their website here http://www.myweddingdesign.net/inviti.html