9 Casual Wedding Ideas For All Types Of Couples

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Nowadays people want to try out wedding ideas and themes that are as far away from conventional as possible. Even though casual weddings are still something that most people opt for you do not have to stay in the mold so to speak to have a casual wedding. Casual weddings are excellent for couples who are getting married on a tight budget or just want something that is relaxing as opposed to being stressful.

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Tips To Help Plan Your Wedding Without Going Crazy

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There is no other day in your life quite like your wedding say. That’s a good jumping off point for someone just starting to plan her wedding. The key is to act as soon as possible once you know that you intend to get married within the next year or so. The general rule of thumb is the longer you wait to book venues, order food, or get a dress, the fewer options you’ll have. And those options will no doubt be more expensive. Still worried and overwhelmed? Hire a wedding planner who will do all the bookings for you and coordinate your vendors and the wedding date to be relieved from any stress. This is priceless!!!

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Saving on a Wedding Abroad

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Last week we published an article showing average costs for a wedding in these years. Figures were scaring at first, but we mentioned how important a wedding planner can be to offer you impressive deals compared to average prices. Today we would like to add some considerations to these, highlighting how much more interesting a Destination Wedding can be when we come to a cost calculation. First of all, for those who are concerned about the...

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Wedding Quick Quote

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Moving into 2011, two trends in wedding planning that continue to grow are destination weddings, and the need for brides and grooms to plan their wedding at their convenience — and not on the telephone. The WeddingQuick Quote (WQQ) is the tool that enables venue shopping and wedding planning around the clock. Wedding venues increasingly understand that todayʼs clients are accustomed to using the information highway to shop and find...

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