Getting married in Florence

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is a unique experience in one’s life. Firenze is one of the most renowned cities in Italy and a perfect place for an elopement in Tuscany. The city opens its arms to the couples in love with this incredible city.

Visitors are surprised at the austerity of the old city of Florence, but the real charm is the scale of this medieval city, its Coffee Bars, its piazzas, monuments and streets. One of the best way of visiting the city is indeed a walking tour of Florence. you will be walking in the famous Florentine Museums, Galleries and Churches, repositories of sculpted and painted masterpieces spanning thousands of years.

Within 20 minutes of the historic centre, the city gives way to rolling hills of the Chianti with its vineyards and dotted with small towns. The wedding hall of Florence is one of the most beautiful of Tuscany. It is located inside Palazzo Vecchio in Piazza della Signoria, and is called “Sala Rossa” (Red Room) as it is completely furnished with this royal colour and gold.

Wedding in Florence the red room Palazzo Vecchio

Wedding in Florence – Red Room in Palazzo Vecchio” Courtesy Pitti

Florence is a busy city almost every month of the year, but mostly in Spring, Summer and Autumn. In case you are staying here for one day only, we suggest you choose a hotel near the centre and walk in. Driving to and in Florence is not the best option. The centre is all car free area and fines are very high. On top of that, Florence does not have cheap parking facilities, most of the times paying a taxi ride is cheaper than paying a parking slot for few hours. To leverage the beauty of Florence during your wedding days, we strongly suggest to consider sleeping there for no less than 2 nights and book one of the fantastic guided tours of the city which will let you bypass queueing and help you enjoy the city at its best.

While in Tuscany for your wedding we suggest you to consider side activities with your guests such as Tuscan Food Cooking Classes, Local Wine Tasting Tours or walking tours of the main cities such as Siena, Lucca San Gimignano or Volterra.

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An Italian wedding coordinator will return to you asking for a non binding request for a call, which will help you and us focus on your exact request for the wedding in Florence.