As previously advised in our post New Rules For Weddings of British in Italy, the new procedure for British couples getting married in Italy with a legally binding wedding has been approved and communicated by the Italian Ministry of Interior to the town halls on February 15th. The new procedure will be duly published on the British Consulate’s Website soon. In the meanwhile we can support you with that providing all the needed assistance, guidance and translations needed to abide by it. This new procedure will be in place for British living in the UK and getting married in Italy.

You will need to fill in and sign a Statutory Declaration at a Solicitor or Notary Public in the UK and have this Statutory Declarations apostilled/legalized for usage in Italy at your local FCO Legalization Office. This Office accepts online application and you will not need to meet them in person, but the procedure implies some weeks to be considered when planning timing.

The Standard Certificate of No Impediment is still needed and you will be able to apply for it at your local Registrar as usual, however you will not have to pass through the British Consulate in Italy unless you reside in Italy (read below), you will need the CNIs to be legalized as well and then sent to us for their legal translation which will have to be done in Italy at a local Court (this is a service we can and have been providing to British Nationals since years as we are among the British Consulate Translators we are listed under Monza in the North, but cover all over Italy)

As a guidance you can initiate the Statutory Declaration process at the same time as your intention to marry and CNI request, so that you will have both the documents ready at the same time to be sent to the Legalization Office.


British not residing in the UK will no more be able to apply through the British consulates around the world since December 2014. The only possible way for British not residing in the UK is to apply in the UK as a resident (proving their residency) or in Italy at the British Consulate in Rome proving at least 3 days residency in Italy (with a Hotel registration for example). Applying in Rome will require

  • the presence of the couple,
  • the Long form Birth Certificates,
  • Passports

plus, if it applies:

  • the Divorce Decree Absolute,
  • (for divorced women only) the Previous Wedding Certificate
  • Widow Certificate

TIME: this procedure will have to be initiated at least 1 month prior the wedding. This means that if you are British but do not reside in the UK and cannot be in Italy or in the UK at least 1-2 months before the wedding, you will not be able to get married in Italy.

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