A Dog at Your Wedding in Tuscany? Why Not?

Wedding In Tuscany Dog Sitter The service includes, pet grooming, a tailor made accessory and wedding dog sitting all day long. Elisa will be there when you want the dog for a family photo or when you just want to give him a cuddle, Elisa is taking care of him/her every moment of the day!
Wedding Dog Sitter is a registered trade mark, sinonimous of authenticity and professionalism.

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How to Invite Guests to a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings to Tuscany are becoming increasingly popular with couples. Often times instead of just eloping, many couples are choosing to invite close family and friends to share their exchanging of vows. Ultimately this ends up being a destination wedding. Any wedding is considered to be something extraor

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Wedding Invitations in a Click

The most original, nice and special wedding invitations are already on-line to celebrate the happiest day. Your wedding is a unique event of your life and the creation of the invitation should be as unique. Cristina Salvatori can create the special fit for your wedding.

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