Volterra, a wonder to tie the knot

The beauty of Volterra for a fairy-tale wedding. A non famous village that deserves more than a visit Volterra is one the most beautiful villages in Tuscany. You can find it in many guides, but all will drive you to other more famous places. We selected Volterra as one the locations where you can have a wonderful wedding celebration and party. We think that pictures will tell you much more than words. So here is a little trip among Volterra’s streets.

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Wedding Costs | Some Budgeting

A nice restaurant, or the place on earth you spent your best days together, a fabulous ring, a the wedding proposal… some tears of joy, happiness, tell all your friends you are getting married, post it on facebook, start dreaming of where to celebrate the wedding, who to invite, what to wear. You start surfing the web for wedding gowns, buy magazines start inquiring ans your already married friends how much this or that costed them.. and you start making calculations about your budget and what you can afford.

Here you can find a list of prices from – to for the most common items for a wedding, and then some considerations:

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