Documentation to get married in Italy.

Depending on your nationality there are different procedures you will have to follow to be able to  celebrate a wedding in Italy which is also legally valid in your country. Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany can guide you and take care of all you need.

Basically, you will need to bring a NULLA OSTA or a Certificate of No Impediment released by the competent authority translated into Italian. This document is released mostly by your consulate in Italy and, in many cases, it has to be legalized at the local Prefettura. Italy has a special agreement with some countries and in those cases the Certificate of No Impediment is released by the registrar of the city where the couple lives.

Americans and Australians, in addition to the above, will also have to bring a so called Atto Notorio, which is released by the Italian Consulate abroad or by the Court in Italy. Australians can also bring, instead of a Atto Notorio, a Certificate of No Impediment released in Australia, Apostilled there and translated in Italy with a legalized translation, or get the Atto Notorio at the Comune of the wedding in front of 4 witnesses. However, in most cases Efffetti, your wedding planner in Tuscany can take care of the whole documentation providing guidance on the needed steps while at home and taking care of the legalizations/translations and all the needed in Italy so that you will not have to interface Italian Authorities (who usually do not speak foreign languages) You can read each procedure for your specific country of citizenship on our site, or contacting your consulate in Italy, or we inquire us and we will provide you all the needed consultancy. 30 minutes phone call offered to all the new couples. Schedule your free consultancy clicking here

PS: BRITISH CITIZENS: the procedure is changing, and will affect all the weddings occurring in Italy from August 2013. We can help you with that even if no news has been published so far. We have been trained by the British consulate to assist you.