Wedding Abroad – Advantages

Church in Tuscany

Church in Tuscany

There are numerous travel agents who will happily help you plan your wedding abroad, but better there are several wedding planners that will do the whole stressful preparation on your behalf, including the legal part.

You can marry in any exotic location and Tuscany might well be the perfect fit for your destination wedding.

The weather will be perfect, but check the weather seasonal statistics just to be on the safe side, and always have a B plan.

You can start your honeymoon straight after your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Abroad – Drawbacks

∞ You may have fewer guests as they may not be able to get the time off work to join you on your wedding day, maybe not a complete drawback :).
∞ You may want a church wedding, but the ceremony may not be legally recognised in the UK or in your country, so you might have to have compromise and have a civil ceremony followed by a blessing.
∞ You need to ensure you have all the required documentation before you get married abroad, this will vary depending on the country of the spouses and on the country of the wedding. In Italy you will have Efffetti’s full assistance as your local wedding planners.
∞ In some countries (not in Italy) There may be a minimum residency stay.

    Getting Married Abroad – Checklist

    Ensure you can marry on your chosen date. Make sure you get this confirmed, in writing, with the celebrate who is to perform the wedding ceremony.
    Check you have a valid 10 year passport.
    Check the weather for your wedding date, ensuring there are no freak changes in weather predicted.
    Take out travel insurance and wedding insurance for all those unforeseen events. Ensure you read the small print so you know exactly what is, and what isn’t, included in the insurance.
    Find out if there is a minimum residence stay or a number of days you need to allow to perform the last bits of bureaucracy before you can get married.
    Ensure you have a list of all the required documents you will need in order to get married in your chosen country.
    Check whether your documents will need to be translated into the countries own spoken language.
    Check if the bride or groom need to deliver the documents to appropriate authorities in person before the wedding day.
    Allow plenty of time to gather all the correct documentation needed to get married abroad (at least 6 months for a civil wedding and up to 1 full year for a catholic wedding).
    Contact your chosen countries embassy in the UK, for further information on getting married abroad or better engage with a local Wedding Planner, it is rather frequent that local wedding planners have fresher information than the consulate’s as they work every day with paperwork requirements by town hall/churches.
    If you are using a tour operator and they are offering you a wedding package, ensure you know exactly what is, and what isn’t, included in your package, better have a local wedding planner involved.
    Ensure the wedding ceremony abroad is legally recognised by the UK (weddings in Italy are legally valid in the UK).
    If you are planning a church wedding abroad, you will need to seek permission from the church authorities where you wish to marry. You may need to allow extra time sa you may be asked to attend pre-nuptial consultations in your chosen country.
    If your wedding is to be preformed in another language, other than English, ensure you have an interpreter present to translate the proceedings.
    If your marriage certificate is written in a foreign language you will need to ensure it is translated on your return to the UK or delivered in multilingual format and or/ apostilled.
    Best of all HIRE A LOCAL WEDDING PLANNER such as Efffetti, they will take care of most of the above and release you from any stress!