Wedding by a vineyard in Tuscany VolterraOrganizing your wedding abroad seems to be an unforgettable occasions, but getting married in Italy is highly romantic; a land of legendary luxury and a history that will always remain in your heart like a treasure and memorable event!

Finding the finest wedding location is an apprehension for all couples that are preparing to get married. Selecting the perfect place can be very complicated even when there are several options and potential venues. Italy is among the countries with more wedding destinations, full of magnificent and lovely venues and places for a perfect and wonderful wedding and honeymoon.

Now, looking for a romantic wedding in Italy you may consider one of these cities: Tuscany or Venice.

Romantic wedding in Italy could be premeditated to perfection by capable and endowed Wedding Planners. A supernatural day to remember forever, unique moments set in great picture services. Various kinds of ceremonies can be organized in Italy: civil, catholic, non-denominational weddings, and all other kinds of service (flowers, beauty, photography, transportation, music, activities etc) to make it remarkable.

Here, you can find a brief description of the aforementioned cities which happens to be one of the best romantic venues in Italy:


Here is a region popularly known for its beauty, traditions and of course wine. Though, there are other aspects to Tuscany that are yet to be discovered. Tuscany as well poses one of the most magnificent wedding location you will find and offers an exclusive experience to go with.

Italy has been a favorite destination for weddings abroad for long but marriage in Tuscany have often been ignored by other Italian cities, Milan, Venice and of course the capital, Rome inclusive. Lake Como and Amalfi coast also supply other peaceful wedding locations in Italy but the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany including the continuous vineyards really generate a unique experience to be had in Italy’s quieter geography.

Tuscany will provide you with picturesque villages and beautiful emerald groves that wonderfully harmonize the luxury wedding locations you can choose from. Larger cities like Siena and Florence to smaller towns such as San Gimignano and Lucca, weddings in Tuscany offer different and numerous options that are sure to request all different taste and desires.

Other added benefit of a wedding in Tuscany is not just only the outstanding beauty and luxurious venue you can enjoy but also, the fact that you will be in one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations you can find.


Wedding in VeniceNo other city in the world is as romantic as Venice, where else can you marry other than a place like 16th century Palace opposite the Grand Canal and Rialto’s bridge? Where else in the world can you have the opportunity to witness and enjoy a memorable gondola ride shortly after your wedding even while watching the dramatic scene of the sun setting into the Venetian lagoon and watch the splendid silhouette of Venice descend into the sunset?

You can also find the most elegant and charming palazzos, hotels and restaurants to celebrate your wedding in Venice.

So before you make a decision on a wedding at your local parish considers a destination wedding in one of Italy’s most gorgeous regions and make your big day even more outstanding and special than you could ever anticipated.

If you are interested in finding out more about destination weddings the best thing would be to find an experienced wedding planner in your region of choice. Having an experienced and skilled pair of hands on helping you will make all the difference.

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