Qui potrete leggere alcune delle recensioni scritte dalle coppie che si sono sposate in Toscana o in Italia con il supporto di Efffetti Wedding Planners. La maggior parte di loro sono disposte a essere contattate e a parlarvi in prima persona della loro esperienza con noi. Non esitate a chiederci referenze, saremo felici di darvi i contatti delle coppie il cui matrimonio si avvicina di più a quello che state cercando anche voi di organizzare.

Matrimonio a Certaldo Toscana | Lesley & Ben - Scozzesi Ottobre 2012

Wedding in Certaldo Tuscany“Francesca made it all so easy and stress free. We changed wedding venue at the last min thanks to Francesca’s suggestion and couldn’t have been happier with our venue in Certaldo alto. Everything was perfect. Every question was answered promptly during the planning , even my silly ones. Couldn’t recommend Efffeti enough.”

Matrimonio Cattolico in Toscana, Firenze | Danielle & Francesco - Libanese e Italiano Giugno 2012

Catholic Wedding in Tuscany “Efffetti had been a very good decision for us. We had been trying to find another planner at the last minute because the first one was not working out; Francesca managed to pull everything back together, and sort everything out very quickly so that our wedding turned out just as we wanted it! She has so much experience and energy and thanks to this she really does manage to pull off the impossible. Not long before the wedding we did not have the required paperwork done, nor a church, and we were both not from Florence-but she sprung to action and everything was accomplished methodically and efficiently. I’m also picky about design and her taste is really very modern and international-she’s definitely not behind on anything. If you tell her what you like she really listens and comes up with something nice-my bouquet was beautiful, as well as the rest of the flowers and décor. She also manages to source things locally, at a good price and an amazing quality! Food, flowers, etc… she knows where to go and how to get the absolute best deals for the quality often with smaller local providers. I have to mention the paperwork-that was a mess before she came on board. But everything was followed through until the end and she remained in contact after the wedding to make sure everything was in order. Thank you Francesca! If you have guests coming from out of town, they won’t regret it either-she made is an easy and comfortable experience for everyone, from helping with transportation and planning their stay to properly translated text/booklets for the church ceremony. All in all you will not regret your decision to choose Efffetti.”

Matrimonio al comune di Certaldo | Judith & Noel | Inglesi Giugno 2012

Wedding Tuscany Palace “We were extremely, happy, impressed and relaxed about the whole experience. Francesca and Max were a pleasure to meet and to spend time with. Nothing was too much trouble and they made it very easy for us to get married in beautiful Tuscany. Francesca coordinated with caterers,music and the local town council with speed and efficiency . We could not more highly recommend her and I feel that anyone using this service cannot fail to have a perfect wedding.”

Matrimonio in un castello toscano | Janelle - Filippine Aprile 2012

Wedding Italy Tuscany Couples“Of all the wedding planners we corresponded with, Efffetti was the quickest to reply with the most comprehensive explanation of what was needed of us. It really felt like a 24-hr service, they were available ALL THE TIME. We could not have picked a more reliable and genuinely helpful coordinator. We never felt the stress that we surely brought upon them with all our drama; it was always always friendly, courteous, helpful, sincere… perfect!! We cannot thank them enough!!! They are and will always be highly recommended. Should be at the top of anyone’s list even. Our trip to Italy would not have been as memorable without them. Special thank you to Francesca, who we absolutely adore!”

Matrimonio in un castello toscano| Bryan - Filippine Aprile 2012

Wedding Italy Tuscany castle“Francesca helped us a lot. We had a lot of issues before our wedding (VISA, NULLA OSTA, etc.) and she really helped us a lot. Thank you so much Francesca for everything. The Wedding will forever be etched in our memories as the most beautiful day of our lives.”

Matrimonio nella Sala Rossa FIrenze | Paul & Steph - Inglesi Marzo 2012

Wedding Tuscany Florence“After visiting Florence it was the only venue we could imagine for our wedding. We looked online and emailed four wedding planners that offered the service of arranging it. Of those, two never replied, one just sent a price list and Efffetti replied asking what we wanted from our wedding and what they could do, showing an enthusiasm for our wedding which mirrored our own. From then on we didn’t even consider anyone else and thank goodness. Over the two years of planning, we had almost constant contact with Francesca and I have nothing but positives to say. In the beginning there was only a loose idea of what we wanted and Francesca helped expand our vision with experience and knowledge. She always acknowledged and replied to emails, offering friendly practical advice. About a year before the wedding, we returned to Florence and met Francesca and Massimilliano and went to see Residenza Casanuova (a 5* apartment) and Dei Frescobaldi (a specialist wine restaurant) which they recommended and wow to both! We also went to visit the Salla Rossa at Pallazzo Vecchio where the wedding would take place, and again…WOW! We never felt as if we were being railroaded into any of their suggestions, they were just what we had hoped for. That also goes for the hairdresser and photographer, both of whom were exceptionally good. So that was the easy bit sorted. Where and when! Over the next year we had to deal with Registrars in England and Italian bureaucracy needed dealing with as Italian paperwork is a joy to behold! All we can say is thank goodness for Francesca (and Max). Our involvement was essentially following her directions and sending what she asked for. Thanks to her knowledge and expertise it was made easy and stress-free for us, meaning we could concentrate on the logistics of arranging a wedding for around 40 people to attend 1000 miles away. As the wedding neared, we didn’t have constant demands for money from the different parties. In fact we paid deposits about 6 months ahead and that was pretty much it until the wedding!! And as more questions occurred, Francesca just dealt with them and, about a month before, she sent us the itinerary for the wedding including prices and outstanding payments which were due on the day. We had to be in Florence two days before the wedding to sign a declaration at the Town Hall. We met Francesca and again she just led us through it and translated everything so we were clear on what was going on. Apart from being totally efficient, she is a complete delight and we chatted for ages after about all sorts. On the day of the wedding, Francesca was at the Residence early to supervise the hair, taxis, flowers, Photographer and the whole of the bride’s party whilst Massimilliano met the groom’s party at the restaurant so we could set up our favours and confirm last minute details with Francesco (the Head Waiter) who is an absolute star. He then supervised getting everyone in before the bride arrived. After the wedding, they sorted getting the guests into the restaurant for aperitifs whilst Rosa (the Photographer) marched the two of us round Florence for photographs to the cheers and clapping of hundreds of tourists. As embarrassing as that sounds, it’s something we will cherish as everyone was so kind and friendly. The Carousel was a particularly hilarious high point!! Francesca and Massimilliano met us back at the restaurant and we went in for our meal which I’m not sure I have the words to describe. Francesco and his staff are amazing, the food simply out of this world and the way they suit the wine to each dish, utterly divine. Francesca stayed until the end of the meal to ensure all was perfect. And it was. There’s no getting away from the fact that you do have to pay for the service and I would tender a quote at this point. “A cynic knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing” Essentially, to us, the service Efffetti provided was worth every penny as they made sure our special day was a complete dream. The only hiccup we had was the best man’s shoes!! (but that’s another story) If you are considering getting married in Tuscany (and we recommend you do), contact Efffetti. There really is nothing else to say.

Matrimonio Invernale Vintage in Toscana | Michelle & Spence - Americani Dicembre 2011

Wedding Italy Tuscany Church“I was worried that planning a wedding abroad in a country where I don’t speak the language would be stressful and complicated. But I cannot believe how stress-free and easy Francesca and Massimiliano made every step of the process. They are AMAZING! We are Americans who married in Italy in a Catholic- legally recognized ceremony -so there was a lot paperwork but the process was made so easy. We had help at every turn. We are so grateful for all that they did for us! I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful the entire trip and event were. Every time we had a question or concern, they were readily available and responded quickly. They are wonderful people and they are extremely organized planners. Every detail was taken care of and executed with finesse. We will truly be forever thankful to have met them and worked with them! Michelle + Spence” look at their wedding

Matrimonio cattolico in Toscana Catholic | Carla & Andrew | Inglesi Settembre 2011

Wedding Italy Church“Andrew and I had the most amazing wedding. It’s quite daunting to book a wedding abroad without knowing the area so it was great to have an expert who could help and advise without us seeing things. it was especially lovely to have someone who was genuinely interested in the wedding too rather than just selling us extras! We felt completely confident in Francesca to recommend and book our wedding for us. We were extremely pleased with the church – it was beautiful. We had visited about 8 months before our wedding day to check out the accommodation and reception venue however we hadn’t visited the church. When i first started to plan the wedding, I was overwhelmed with choice of location etc. I told Efffetti what we wanted and they came back with a selection of places tailored to what we wanted to help make our decision a lot easier. Their expertise in arranging a catholic wedding was also brilliant. I would certainly recommend them to anyone and we couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you so much Francesca and Massimiliano – you were brilliant! xx look at their wedding

Matrimonio a Lucca | Justine & Dean | Inglesi Agosto 2011

Wedding Lucca Tuscany“Dear Francesca and Massimiliano, we can’t thank you enough for all of your help with our wedding in Lucca, we couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went, it was perfect. You do get a bit nervous when you’re trying to organise the most important day in your life especially when you are not in the same country and are handing the responsibility over to someone else, but we had nothing to worry about. When we met you we felt totally relaxed that everything seemed organised just how we wanted it. You had looked after everything we had requested and also things we had forgotten about. We want to also thank you so much for sorting out our marriage certificates and for sending us the photos you took. The hairdresser you booked was also amazing. If we ever know of anyone who is wanting to get married in Italy we would recommend you to them in an instant. Thank you again for making our day truly amazing it wouldn’t have been the same without your help. Love Justine & Dean xx

Matrimonio in Toscana Volterra | Lillie & Dave | Australiani Maggio 2011

Wedding Tuscany Volterra“Flawlessly organised, and genuinely lovely people: Francesca and Max not only made sure that our wedding day ran smoothly and wonderfully, but they were an absolute joy to get to know. It was like old friends arranging your wedding day. We recommend them whole-heartedly and absolutely to anyone who wants to make sure their day is truly special.

Matrimonio in un Borgo Toscano | Katrin & Mo | Tedesca e Inglese Maggio 2011

Wedding Tuscany Hamlet“We started planning our wedding a year before and just contacted all kinds of wedding planners but Efffetti was the one who called us back and asked what we had in mind, We then actually went to Italy for a week and Francesca and Max drove us around to show us different places for the ceremony as well as different locations for us to celebrate and stay with our guests. Once we had decided what we wanted she and Max had a coffee with us and chatted about ideas and costs etc. We had a very good idea of what we were prepared to spend, especially after having been to wedding fairs in England and being shocked by some of the prices. We sent Francesca emails through the summer with ideas of table decorations, flowers etc anything we liked. She would then sent emails back with prices for it or other ideas (e.g. when the flowers we wanted were not seasonal and were too expensive etc). The thing we really liked that it wasn’t embarrassing to say when things were too expensive or not our taste. Francesca would always find an option that suited our budget. We also started getting all the paper work ready, which Francesca had given us a list of to let us know what exactly it was she needed with our German/ Engllish-Indian backgrounds. Thanks to their organisation our wedding went smoothly and very relaxed and they created a day for us we will never forget.

Matrimonio a Firenze | Ruth & Will | Texas USA Aprile 29 2011 (come Kate e William)

Wedding Tuscany Florence“Francesca and Massimiliano are wonderful to partner with to plan and organize the details of your wedding. I was very apprehensive selecting a wedding planner via the internet but after careful consideration and reference checking, I felt comfortable most with Francesca. Honestly, Efffetti won our business since they were so responsive and sincerely appeared to be committed to knowing us as a couple and wanting to give us exactly what we asked for and made sure they researched options to give us good options and cost estimates. After meeting them both, we feel like we make life long friends. Thank you both Francesca and Massimiliano! Thank you so much for your help and making our day so very special. Your friends Ruth and Will Herold.