Wedding Planner Tuscany & Italian Lakes | Francesca V

wedding planner lake como Francesca V. has a degree in foreign languages and over 15 years experience in marketing and events organization, plus 3 years experience as purchasing manager. Speaks English, Portuguese, Italian and a little French. Lived in the UK, USA and Portugal while studying. She is a certified wedding planner and events director. Francesca runs events and weddings in Tuscany, Lakes region and Venice (with Francesca R.)

Events Director and CFO | Max

wedding planner Tuscany Max has a professional degree and works in sales since 1994. He is the founder and takes care of the back office activities, vendors relations, Max is always present at weddings to coordinate any background activities and coordination. Max speaks English and Italian and a little French. He funded Efffetti in 2007 with Francesca V

Wedding Planner Rome & Central Italy | Francesca R.

wedding planner RomeFrancesca R. cooperates with Efffetti from Rome. Francesca is being in this business for over 10 years. She has a degree in languages and a certification in event management. She owns an agency of wedding planners and services such as make-up, hairstyling, fashion and photography in Rome. Francesca coordinates weddings for Efffetti in Rome and southern areas of Italy. She speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Wedding Planner Mountains | Roberta

wedding planner Valtellina Roberta cooperates with Efffetti as planner in Valtellina. She has always lived in the mountains around Sondrio. She is an expert of the territory. Roberta is also the reference and coordinator of the Italia-Australia association and coordinates relationships with Australia especially regarding edu programs. Roberta speaks English and Italian.

Wedding Planner Piedmont | Chiara

Chiara cooperates with Efffetti in Piedmont. Chiara always lived in Piedmont and is an experienced wedding planner in Piedmont where she runs her own agency with Maria for mainly for Italian couples. She runs non Italians for Efffetti in the region of Turin, Lake Orta and the fantastic region of the Lange in Piedmont. Chiara speaks French, English and Italian.

Wedding Planner in Sicily | Loredana

Loredana has great experience as chef. She has a catering company in Sicily and was also trained, after many years of experience as a wedding planner in Sicily. Loredana organizes for Efffetti all the weddings and wedding related activities in Sicily such as catering services, events, cooking classes and special gastronomic/wine tours and tasting.

Bridal Beauty Consultant | Cristina

beauty consultantCristina cooperates with Efffetti as Beauty consultant in Tuscany. Cristina owns a Beauty salon in Tuscany near Pisa and cooperates with Efffetti since the beginning. She is very accurate and provides critical help to supplement bridal needs in relation to make up. Cristina speaks Italian and understands English.

Wedding Photographer | Daniele

wedding photographerDaniele has a degree in digital photography and lighting. He cooperates with Efffetti from Rome as a photographer and video coordinator. Daniele owns an agency of wedding planners with Francesca R. His team in made up of professionals with long years experience in wedding photography and videographer all around Italy. Daniele is specialized in weddings in Rome and Venice and knows every corner of these two beautiful cities. He speaks English and Italian.

Wedding Photography Italy

Efffetti cooperates closely with the best in class wedding photographers in Italy such as Rosy, Andrea, Edy, Daniela, Andrew (from the UK and Greece), Thomas and Edyta (from Norway), Karen Wise and Daniel Krieger and Jayne Holland (from the USA), Rochelle Cheever (European based Californian Photographer) and many others

Efffetti Wedding in Italy, Our Motto

“We treat our couples as our best friends that do not speak Italian who live in a foreign country and need help organizing their wedding in Tuscany and Italy.”