Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for the bouquet for your wedding in Italy?

Below you can find a gallery full of ideas and inspiration.

We have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding flowers such as: which flowers are available? Can I have peonies? Can I have Hydrangeas? Are there less expensive flowers than roses?

We have provided a brief guide on how to select your wedding bouquet. Scroll to the end of the images to read the answers to these questions.

To start off you will find some examples below of beautiful wedding bouquets.

  • Which flowers are available in Italy?

We can import any flowers from anywhere in the world, we usually can provide the same flowers you can get in Northern America and all over Europe. Some flowers, when in season locally will be less expensive or fresher.

Some examples are Calla-Lilies between April and June, Hydrangeas between April, June and in September and Peonies in May and June. Some flowers have different sizes or different colours depending on the season for example, in September, hydrangeas are usually available in greenish/white. 

  • Can I have Peonies?

Peonies are very, very delicate flowers, they suffer in cold or heat, and they are only in season between May and June. If the summer is particularly mild they can still be found in July. Peonies can be ordered around the world all year round, but because the trip to Italy is long and the climate here is not optimal, they will likely:

  • Cost 3 to 4 times the price than when in season
  • 1/2 of the peonies the florist will order for you will not be usable because they are delivered closed and simply will not open or will open too much due to the temperatures in Italy.
  • Wilt 1 hour after leaving the florists shop

So, Peonies are only ideal between May and early July. Forget using them in any other month, unless you are very unlucky with the weather :).

Keep in mind that Peonies are very scented and using them prominently in a centrepiece will ruin the food tasting. 

  • I absolutely want Peonies! Can I have them?

Peonies may be replaced by English Roses. English Roses are very expensive but somewhat more resistant and readily available throughout the year. Be prepared to increase your budget allocated for flowers though. 

  • Can I have Hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are lovely, they are available from late April to the end of September and even until early October sometimes. Some of the brightest colours are only available from May to July. At the end of the season a white/greenish variety is the most common.

Hydrangeas are NOT GOOD for BOUQUETS, as they need water 24/7. If they are used for a bouquet, they will wilt 1 hour from when they are taken out of water. So remember to plan Hydrangeas for arrangements where they can soak up water all the time. 

  • Can I have less expensive flowers than Roses?

Roses are not the most expensive flowers, despite common thinking. Especially if they are in season (please note: Common Roses, not English Roses). Consider that flowers and greenery, when in season, have more or less all the same cost per area covered.

  • I love a country feel with inexpensive, long table decorations, how much will that cost?

Long tables will normally need more decorations than a rounded table. You will need to create a “rail”, or “line” of decorations to give the effect you may have seen in magazines, without leaving empty spaces and filling everything with flowers, tea-light candles and other decorations.  The “country effect” is just an “effect”, because, as mentioned, the cost of the flowers is similar to make sure there are no empty spaces, thus the cost to decorate a long rectangular table will be likely higher than the cost to decorate round tables.

Wedding Bouquet Inspiration