New Rates for The Red Hall – Wedding Room in Florence

Wedding in Florence the red room palazzo vecchio

At the end of November 2014, we received an update about the fee to get married at the Town Hall of Florence. This was an update you would never want to receive. The board of the city of Florence decided to increase the rate for non-Italians to get married… by 3,3 times the rate for weddings at the famous Red Hall, Red Room, Sala Rossa or whichever name you know it by. The new rate is 2500,00€…

Luckily, back then, we had no weddings confirmed in Florence for 2015…

On top of this, until recently as a kind of exception, we could still grant a wedding on Saturday mornings to our non-Italian couples, but unfortunately the update created an additional stricter rule to days available, with the result that unless one of the couple is residing in Florence, or is registered at AIRE with their last city of residence in Italy being Florence, none will be allowed to get married on a Saturday in Florence, regardless of the rate. Thus a non-Italian who wants to get married at the Red Room-Hall-Sala Rossa, can only get married on Wednesday or Thursday mornings. Other rooms/days may be available at even higher rates and these calendars are usually only published only 6 months from the date, resulting with the impossibility to choose the date of the wedding itself before 6 months.

I thought it was important to create a clear post about the matter to let our readers know and tell them that there are amazing town halls in Tuscany with frescoed rooms, in medieval palaces, without day/time restrictions and whose rates range between 250 and 600€ for non-Italians.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about options and possibilities, we will be happy to offer you a 30 minute skype consultation, free of charge, to give you info about your options at an equally amazing and beautiful alternative town hall (pictures below) for a legally binding wedding in Tuscany.

If you only need guidance and a check for legal paperwork, for just 50€ you can buy a 30-minute call with our experts.

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