American citizens can get married in Italy

providing they cope with some regulations and documentation that needs to be prepared both in Italy and in the USA. The following information is provided as a general guideline for U.S. citizens wishing to get married in Italy, but we suggest you contact us to consider your specific case. Depending on your residency, marital status and the city of the wedding, your wedding in Italy might need to follow specific procedures. In case you prefer to perform all the bureaucracy in the US and have a symbolic wedding in one of our fantastic Italian venues, Efffetti can assist you with a symbolic blessing or humanist celebrant. For Catholic weddings please read the Catholic weddings in Italy section.

Please note that marriages involving U.S. citizens cannot be performed by U.S. Consuls nor take place on the premises of the U.S. Consulate.

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Town Hall of Volterra

To get married in Italy, an American Citizen must present two documents:

  1. Nulla Osta (or affidavit) released by the American Consulate in Italy and legalized with an Apostille and
  2. Atto Notorio released by the Italian Consulate in the USA or by an Italian Court. In case the citizen is a resident of Italy, he/she will also have to apply for a Notice of Marriage his/her local Commune (town hall/registrar in Italy).

How to obtain the two documents.


  • The required “Nulla Osta” Affidavit form is available for download. Please print out and complete the form, but do not sign it until you are in front of a consular officer in one of the consular sections in Italy responsible for your wedding city.
  • Be sure to book a meeting with the US consulate via their website (above) at least two months before your arrival in Italy. Some consular sections are only opened to the public a couple of days a week, so be sure you plan your trip and wedding in Italy accordingly.
  • The fee to the consulate can be paid at the consulate for the equivalent of 50 US$ per Nulla Osta (credit cards are usually accepted).
  • The Nulla Osta will have to be LEGALIZED at the local Prefettura, adding an administrative fee stamp of 16,00€ per document to the amount. This is handled by Efffetti, but consider that the Prefetturas are only open in the mornings, and if we do not have the Nulla Osta by 10 – 10:30 am, we might not be able to have the legalization before the following day. Some Prefettura only work by appointment and some have closing days (i.e. Rome is closed on Wednesdays)


The atto notorio is a statutory declaration which the American citizen must swear in front of the Italian Consul in the USA. Two witnesses and some documentation are also required. Alternatively, the same can be sworn in front of a local court in Italy, still in the presence of two witnesses and the same documents. The Atto Notorio is released immediately, but the preparation of the documents might require some days. If you plan to do this in Italy, we can assist you, but you must be in Italy with 2 witnesses at least a full week before the day of the wedding.


Documents needed to obtain the atto notorio in the USA for each of the spouses:

  • Long Form Birth Certificate with the full names of the parents (original or certified true copy) legalized in the USA and legally translated into Italian (this translation can be done by a legal translator in the USA
  • If it applies – evidence of the termination of any previous wedding (original or certified true copy) legalized in the USA and legally translated into Italian (this translation can be done by a legal translator in the USA)
  • If it applies – name change evidence (original or certified true copy) legalized in the USA and legally translated into Italian (this translation can be done by a legal translator in the USA)
  • If it Applies – widow status evidence (original or certified true copy) legalized in the USA and legally translated into Italian (this translation can be done by a legal translator in the USA)
  • Passport of each of the spouses and each of the witnesses.

Make an appointment at the closest Italian consulate in the USA at least one month before the wedding date.


Documents needed to obtain the atto notorio in the ITALY (Florence). For each of the spouses we will need to know most of the data contained in the documents above, BUT WE WILL NOT NEED THOSE DOCUMENTS apart from the scanned copies of your passports.

  • You will have to contact us and we will send you a form to fill in.
  • Be in Italy on the Monday before the wedding as the court will only accept meetings on Tuesday mornings.
  • Make sure 2 witnesses that know you well can be with you at the meeting with the court (no siblings). A fee of 16€*2 + 33,18€ = 65,18€ payable by tax seals (marca da bollo) which we can buy on your behalf.

With the Atto Notorio and the Legalized Nulla Osta, the American Couple NON RESIDING IN ITALY will then meet the local town hall registrar two days before the wedding, together with an interpreter, to sign a sworn declaration (witnesses are not needed at this stage). After that, the wedding can take place as planned. Weddings in Venice do not need the meeting for the sworn declaration, which is done just a few minutes before the wedding.

In case one of the spouses is residing in Italy, after the above 2 documents are in your hands, you must apply for a Notice of Marriage at the local city hall for two consecutive Sundays before the marriage occurs. As said though, the Notice of Marriage is waived if neither party to the marriage is an Italian citizen and neither is residing in Italy.

A marriage is considered valid in Italy if performed under civil or religious auspices. A civil ceremony is performed at the city hall and a translator must interpret if one of the parties does not understand the Italian language. A religious ceremony is performed by a Roman Catholic priest or by a clergyman of any other denomination authorized by the Italian Ministry of Interior to perform a religious ceremony.

You do not need to register your wedding in the US, but to make sure all the organizations accept your marriage certificate, Efffetti will take it to the Prefettura to have it legalized by placing an Apostille on the certificate. This process is not required; not doing so may result in some organizations not accepting the document though.

For additional general reference pls click here