Symbolic Wedding Celebration Service

Getting married in Italy might just mean a symbolic celebration to offer your guests a fabulous experience in the land of romance and love. Symbolic weddings are performed among any type of couples, same-sex gay weddings and heterosexual couples.

As discussed in the wedding documentation page, the celebration of a legally binding marriage in Italy has to follow some specific rules and laws. When dreaming of your wedding in Tuscany you have been envisioning open air sceneries, with flowers, maybe by the sea or in a private stunning park full of decorations or by a pool. Or maybe you simple would like to have a very personalized celebration of your marriage in Italy.

Wedding in a Farmhouse in Tuscany

Wedding in a Farmhouse in Tuscany

One of the best solution to any of the above is to hire a celebrant and define with him/her the exact ceremony you want to be performed and where to officiate it.

Your wedding planner in Tuscany will then manage the settings or any other requirement, not least the possibility to celebrate a symbolic wedding in the impressive scene of your dreams which is before or after transformed at the town hall into a legally binding marriage valid in any country you may live.

Efffetti can help you to find the proper interfaith officiant anywhere in Italy or, if you do not need any religious hint, Efffetti offer you an English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian speaking civil celebrant who will customize the celebration as you like, and will release a personalized wedding certification (without legal validity) of your wedding in Tuscany.

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