Catholic Weddings

A Roman Catholic wedding in Italy is legally binding and recognized by the Italian authorities, because they contain a civil element within the service. Therefore, it will not be necessary to perform a separate civil ceremony. The ceremony will be performed in the local Roman Catholic church, but first you will have to have contacted your local parish priest in your home country to help you prepare, attend a pre-cana course and collect all the needed documentation. It is impossible to have a Catholic wedding if at least one or both are Catholic and if one of the two has been married before with a Catholic wedding and has not obtained the nullification of the wedding from the Roman Catholic church (not simply the divorce). Please consider at least 6-9 months preparation to obtain the documentation needed in your home country at a Catholic church.

Please NOTE: In Lucca, Florence and several other areas, Bishops do not allow Catholic weddings for non residents.

Catholic Wedding in TuscanyOther Religious Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

In Italy we have almost every Christian church, though not in every city. We can help you organizing Protestant and Evangelical or Anglican weddings. If you wish, any other type of religious ceremony can be accommodated. For those religions that are not recognized by the Italian government (i.e. Anglican church), you will be required to have a civil ceremony first. Otherwise, the marriage will not be legally binding under any law. In such cases, couples may wish to have a civil ceremony in their home country and have a blessing in Italy.

Symbolic Weddings, Blessings, Same Sex/ Civil Unions

These types of weddings have no legal or religious validity. They can be celebrated at the most beautiful locations without legal restriction. Our team of wedding celebrants will create the most tailored and personal ceremony for your symbolic wedding, including, or not, religious readings. Symbolic weddings can be performed between any type of couple from any country including gay wedding commitment ceremonies. In Italy, a new law about Civil Union is active since May 2016 in Italy. Same sex couples can now apply for a Civil Union Ceremony in Italy. Civil Unions are similar to Marriages but have some little difference in the procedure. Town halls may require little different terms to apply. Contact us to make sure you can get married here with legal validity. We can however offer the most amazing wedding ceremony to celebrate in Italy.